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Here it is: the masterlist of all our Sherlockmas 2013 submissions! For warnings and authors' notes, please make sure to read the full header on the story - I've included only basic information here. Stories are organized by category.

If you have an AO3 account, please consider adding your work to our AO3 collection! You're now free to post your story anywhere else you might like. I'll go through and add author names and redacted beta information over the next day or two - if you'd like me to replace your story with an AO3 link, please just let me know! Thanks again, all!

Sherlockmas 2013: MasterlistCollapse )

Sherlockmas 2013 Pre-Reveal Masterlist

Happy new year, everyone!

This completes our posting for the 2013 sherlockmas holiday exchange! Thank you, thank you to all our authors, everyone who's reading and reviewing, and especially our pinch-hitters, for making everything come together in the end! I'm extremely grateful for all of you and everything you've done to help this community flourish for another year. I'm looking forward to catching up on reading before reveals on January 5th!

Just a note: Don't forget about our tumblr! We've been posting links to all the stories as they go up, and we'll have a link to the index as well. If you'd like to reblog, or ... anything else (the mod is really, really not the best at tumblr) skip on over there.

Our pre-reveal masterlist this year comes in the form of a Google spreadsheet - you can sort by pairing, rating, length, whatever you like. If there's another column you think you'd find useful, let me know and I can import the data (probably).

The Sherlockmas 2013 Pre-Reveal Index

That's it! Thanks again, everyone, for a wonderful holiday exchange - I've had a great time, and now I'm looking forward to sitting back and reading.

Sarah / musamihi
Author: scandalbaby
Title: When The Floodgates Open Brace Your Shores
A gift for: For the Community
Characters/Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper, John Watson & Mycroft Holmes
Category: Gen/Het
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Semi-graphic mentions of violence
Summary: The virus turned most of the world's populations into mindless zombies, and there was chaos before a partial cure was found. Now life has gone back to normal for the residents of 221B Baker Street, even though John is now among the living dead. But a discovery by Molly threatens to throw everything back to how it had been in the dark days, and they all react in their own ways.
Author's Notes: The person whose prompts I answered did not give a specific prompt for this, but they mentioned they enjoyed end of the world fics that talked about what came after, and I couldn't resist answering such a challenge. Title comes from lyrics in the Linkin Park song "A Light That Never Comes"

When The Floodgates Open Brace Your ShoresCollapse )
That's a wrap for main posting for the 2013 sherlockmas exchange! Tomorrow (on our twelfth day) we'll have one more gift for the community, and I'll post an index of all the fanworks that have gone up during the fest, the better to help everyone catch up on reading (which I desperately need to do!). Reveals will then go up on January 5th. Thank you all so, so much for all of your patience, participation, and enthusiasm so far - I greatly appreciate it!

Happy new year, everyone!
Author: musamihi
Title: A Safe Place
A gift for: nathaniel_hp
Characters/Pairing: Greg Lestrade/John Watson
Category: Slash
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit sex; D/s relationship; passing mentions of bondage and other BDSM elements.
Summary: The night before Moriarty's trial, John comes to Greg looking for comfort and reassurance. The night before Sherlock's fall, Greg does his best to provide it again.
Author's Notes: I haven't had much chance to explore this pairing, and I was really intrigued by the thought of how their power dynamic might shift between their personal and professional lives – mixed up as they are. I hope this little piece touches in some satisfactory way on that question, and I hope you enjoy reading it! Thanks for the excellent prompts!

A Safe PlaceCollapse )
Author: second_skin (on AO3)
Title: Light Up the Fireworks in Me
A gift for: alafaye
Characters/Pairing: John/Sherlock, Mrs. Hudson
Category: pre-slash romance
Rating: Gen
Warnings: No Warnings Apply, (spoilers for S2)
Summary: The evening before the Christmas Party (S2, E1), Sherlock is bored and provokes a confrontation in which he gets more—quite a lot more—than he expected from John.
Author's Notes: Thanks and hugs to fengirl88 for the insightful beta.

Light Up the Fireworks in MeCollapse )
Author: jazzy_fay
Title: Christmas Fantasia
A gift for: forsciencejohn
Characters/Pairing: John/Sherlock
Category: slash
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: explicit m/m
Summary: Sherlock grants John's Christmas Wish
Author's Notes: Yikes! These two really got away from me on this one. This is my first attempt at writing anything quite like this; I hope you enjoy!

Christmas FantasiaCollapse )
Author: scandalbaby
Title: The (Unlikely And Unexpected) Proverbial Knight In Shining Armor
A gift for: For the Community
Characters/Pairing: Sherlock Holmes & Molly Hooper
Category: Gen
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mentions of torture resulting in injuries
Summary: Sherlock is usually the one doing the rescuing, not the one needing to be rescued. But this time it’s he who is tied up and hurt, and it’s up to Molly to save the day.
Author's Notes: One of the prompts my recipient asked for (multiple times) was Sherlock being the one in distress and needing to be rescued by someone unexpected, preferably Molly, Sally or Mrs. Hudson. It’s actually quite fun to write Sherlock in distress.

The (Unlikely And Unexpected) Proverbial Knight In Shining ArmorCollapse )
Author: musamihi
Title: Through the Storm
A gift for: redvalerian
Characters/Pairing: Sherlock/John
Category: Slash
Rating: R
Warnings: Prescription drug use, physical injury (non-graphic)
Summary: Sherlock and John are trapped in a frozen wilderness after a case takes a bad turn. Sherlock thinks they're doomed, but there's something about John he hasn't counted on.
Author's Notes: Happy holidays, redvalerian! I hope you enjoy this. ♥

Through the StormCollapse )
Author: Doctor WTF
Title: Warmth
A gift for: minirose96
Characters/Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper
Category: Gen
Rating: T
Warnings: AU & Major Character Death (sort of)
Summary: On his last night in London he comes to her to say goodbye. In three years her life has changed, but then again so has he.
Author's Notes: Happy Holidays! Forgive me for the lame ending, I’m not the best at those, but I hope you enjoy this little tale during this season of darkness and chill.

WarmthCollapse )


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